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Say goodbye to gastric pain by consuming these foods


Posted on : 26/Jan/2021 10:00:25 AM

Pain or any discomfort in the upper part of abdomen is called gastric pain. Excessive acid in the stomach could result in the stomach pain. Otherwise called gastric pain it could be severe or it could be mild also sometimes. Various symptoms that a person with gastric pain might have are bloating, indigestion, feeling hungry but unable to eat, nausea, vomiting etc.

It is revealed that the gastric pain in us could be due to reasons like gulping food very fast, intake of high amounts of aerated drinks, intake of oily junk foods etc. Gastric pain could also be due to intake of foods with high levels of starch, insoluble fibres etc. When we have this gastric pain issue, then we must not eat certain foods. In the same way, we could consume certain foods that would relieve us from this issue.

Various foods that must be consumed are

By consuming yoghurt:
This is one important food that we must consume to get relief from gastric pain issues. By eating yoghurt our digestion would be better as yoghurt has got good bacteria. It is superb to drink yoghurt mixed with water. Roasted cumin and salt could be added to the yoghurt with water combination.

By consuming herbal teas:
It must be noted that herbal teas are prepared from plants with medicinal properties in them. By intake of herbal teas, our digestion would get better and the gastric pain would be reduced due to the presence of antioxidants and other anti-inflammatory compounds present in the herbal teas. It is believed that consuming herbal teas like ginger tea, peppermint tea, chamomile tea etc would be superb for gastric pain issues.

By consuming fennel seeds:
One of the tried and tested methods of getting relief from gastric pain is by consuming fennel seeds. These seeds are usually chewed after consuming heavy meals. By consuming fennel seeds having vital plant compounds that fuel gastric secretions, there would be smooth processing of food particles.  Symptoms of constipation and indigestion get eased.

By consuming apple cider vinegar or ACV:
Acidic microenvironment is provided inside the gut by intake of apple cider vinegar. The synthesis of digestive enzymes gets activated. Symptoms of gastric pain get reduced. Consuming 2 tsp of apple cider vinegar mixed with water would provide relief from gastric pain.

By consuming cloves:
By chewing clove or swallowing teaspoons of clove powder with cardamom after the meals could kindle the discharge of digestive acids. By this, acidity is prevented and excessive gas gets dissipated from the body.

By consuming high fibre foods:b>
Not many know that by consuming high fibre foods like berries, nuts, seeds, legumes etc, gastric pain could be avoided. Truth is that intake of broccoli could provide us relief from gastric pain as it contains sulforaphane that could fight against gastric pain.

By consuming vegetable juices etc:
It is good to drink vegetable juices like potato juice that could provide relief from gastric pain issues. Pumpkin juice intake is also said to provide relief from this issue.