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Do you know about the vitamin U rich veggies that can treat various stomach issues?


Posted on : 26/Nov/2020 11:00:29 AM

We all would have known vitamins like A, B, C, D E, K etc but not about vitamin U much. This article would throw some light on this amazing vitamin U.

It is also known as methylmethionine chloride. In the year 1952, vitamin U was the name that was given to a substance present in the cabbage juice.

It is believed that intake of vitamin U can treat many stomach issues like bloating, inflammation, acidity, indigestions etc. This vitamin U is present in many green vegetables.

Various vegetables that has got vitamin U and must be consumed in winter season are

This vegetable has got lots of vitamin U in it. It is consumed by many in the northern parts of India in the winter season in the form of saag. Sandwiches, soups, paste and salads can be made out of spinach is well known. Intake of spinach not only keeps our gut health in good shape but it also regulates blood sugar, good for eye health etc.

This green vegetable has got vitamin U and plus many other nutrients. It can be consumed as sups, pastas, or stir fried vegetables etc. Intake of this vegetable can treat stomach ailments.

Brussel sprouts:
It is superb to consume salads made using Brussel sprouts. The Brussel sprouts are rich in many nutrients and can provide solutions to many stomach issues.

Rich in fibre plus calcium and iron, kale is another important vegetable that is rich in vitamin U. It is believed that by intake of kale we could fight ulcers, food allergies etc.

This winter specific vegetable has got vitamin U plus many nutrients and by consuming this vegetable we could get many health benefits. It has been shown by research study that patients with peptic ulcers when given cabbage juice and they got huge relief.