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Please take care of your digestive tract health by these ways


Posted on : 11/Nov/2020 9:18:05 AM

The air pollution during the festival season would be high and this could be due to various reasons. It has been shown by some research studies that this air pollution could lead to some gastrointestinal issues in us. Hence, we must be careful in this festival season.

The composition of gut microbes gets altered due to the air pollutants. This could lead to issues like obesity, diabetes, GI disorders etc in us. It is well known that the digestive system plays an important role in the food processing in us by absorbing the minerals and vitamins. Truth is that our digestive system gets ignored due to bad eating routines and fast paced lives.

There are few ways by which we would be able to take proper care of our digestive system in this festive season amidst the pandemic. These ways would also boost our overall health.

By balancing the meals:
It is natural that we eat festive food but we must try to balance our meals by consuming less white rice. It is said that a glass of warm water with lemon would be superb for us and it would cleanse our body and stomach well while we eat the delicious foods.

By keeping hydrated:
Natural drinks such as tender coconut plus water must be consumed by us without fail. By these drinks, there would be natural detoxification against the polluted air. So, please take care.

By intake of foods rich in vitamin C:
It must be noted that vitamin C acts as potent antioxidant in us plus it helps in regenerating vitamin E. It would be superb if we consume fruits like amla, orange, guava and veggies like drumsticks, parsley etc. By intake of these, we could fight the effects of air pollution effectively.

By being wise:
The Coronavirus pandemic is still there everywhere and the increase in the air pollution this time would be an issue more than ever. In this scenario, we must think wisely and instead of going to malls etc for shopping we could opt for online shopping.

By avoiding / limiting alcohol and other aerated drinks:
This is also one important way to keep the health of the digestive tract in good shape. Truth is that these are high in calories and they could cause harm to our immune as well as to our digestive system. It is important not to over indulge in these drinks.