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Is the egg you consuming of good quality? Here is a handy, essential procedure!


Posted on : 28/Oct/2020 1:35:08 PM

There is a serious risk of taking a rotten egg! - may turn out to be food-poisoning!

So, before giving the eggs to children, please conduct a test as given below:

Most of us are indeed aware that the egg is rich in protein content and full of good nutrition contents. Hence, the public has set a routine to keep it as a daily regular consumable item. But most of us fail to check whether they are of good quality! Here is the procedure:

Generally, the good quality of the egg can be ascertained only after breaking it or boiling! However, the Twitter Page, MyGovIndia has shared a procedure/tip whereby you can check the egg quality without breaking or boiling it!

After buying the eggs, take a vessel and add a few glasses of water.

Drop the egg to submerge it in water.
  • In case the egg is fresh and of good quality, it will sink right into the bottom and assume a lying position.
  • In case the egg is old, it will sink into the bottom of the vessel assume a vertical position!
  • In case the egg is rotten, it will float on the water like a ball! This is because as the egg gets rotten, the airbag inside it grows to a larger size actually, air displaces the water inside the egg!

So, now that you have detected a rotten egg, return it to the shop and get a replacement! Or else, throw it into the waste-bin!

As stated at the start, there is a risk of food-poisoning while consuming a rotten egg! Hence, whenever buying eggs do the test suggested above and then use the eggs. Especially follow this when giving eggs to your children! Bon Apptit!

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