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Are you woman above 40 years, then please be careful about these signs of diabetes


Posted on : 12/Oct/2020 9:14:13 AM

The research studies have revealed that women above 40 years of age could get diabetes more when compared to the men. The reason for this could be due to menopause or perimenopause.

It is important to note that diabetes could be fatal if the symptoms are ignored. The shocking piece of information is that when left undiagnosed diabetes above the age of 40 could result in serious issues like blindness, kidney dysfunction and nerve diseases.

Women above 40 must take care about these signs of diabetes compulsorily.

It is said that fatigue could be an early sign of diabetes for women above 40 years of age. The women could feel weak and energy less. This could lead to stress.

Sexual dysfunction:
Truth is that pain during intercourse, lack of sex drive etc are some of the early signs of diabetes in women above 40. The women above 40 must get their blood sugar levels checked.

Extreme thirst:
The feeling of need to drink more water and thirst never getting quenched could be the early signs of diabetes in women above 40.

Mood swings:
The mood and mental conditions of a person could get affected by the presence of high glucose levels. This could lead to low work productivity.

Blurred visions:
Macular oedema or inflammation of the eye lens occurs when the glucose level increases. This could lead to small or severe vision loss in diabetic women. This could be avoided by early diagnosis and by managing the diabetic symptoms.

Tender gums:
Periodontitis or severe gum infection could be due to diabetes. Point is when left undiagnosed it could cause damage to the nerves and restrict blood supply to teeth. This could result in tender gums issue.

Frequent urination:
Imbalance of blood sugar levels in the body could lead to frequent urination. This could result in energy loss and dehydration.