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World Egg Day, 9th October - Intake of eggs is important for these reasons


Posted on : 09/Oct/2020 9:24:23 AM

Eggs must be part of everyone`s diet because it is highly nutritious.

To create awareness regarding the benefits of egg intake, 9th October in 2020 would be celebrated as `World Egg Day`. It is worthy to note that the term `egg` refers to an organic vessel having the zygote in which the embryo develops till it survives on its own. Fertilization of an egg cell could result in the formation of an egg. There are various nutrients present in the eggs such as protein, fat, iron, vitamins, carotenoids etc.

We must consume eggs because it would provide us these health benefits.

Reduces the risk of getting heart diseases:
It is believed that bad cholesterol or low density lipoprotein or LDL could lead to heart diseases in us. Truth is that the small dense LDL particles would be riskier than larger LDL particles. The intake of eggs would reduce the risk of heart diseases in us as it would alter the patterns of LDL cholesterol from dense to large.

Manages cholesterol levels:
By intake of eggs, our good cholesterol levels or HDL would get increased. This would manage the cholesterol levels in us.

Good for brain health:
It must be noted that the presence of high amounts of choline in the eggs would result in good brain health. Hence eggs must be consumed. Eggs also play their role in the cell membrane formation.

Good for vision:
Yolk of an egg contains antioxidants like lutein and zeaxanthin and by consuming eggs our eyesight would get better. Fact is these antioxidants could reduce macular degeneration and cataract formation.

Good for weight loss:
Weight loss would be possible by the intake of eggs having protein content. We would feel full when we consume eggs. As a result, we would eat less and thereby we would lose weights.