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Reasons why intake of barley grass is important for us


Posted on : 01/Oct/2020 9:24:27 AM

A wholegrain that is consumed by many across the world is barley. After cereals like wheat, corn and rice, barley is the fourth important cereal crop is a known fact. Barley grass refers to the young leaves belonging to the barley plant. Other names for the barley grass are barley leaves, barley greens etc.

Various nutrients present in the barley grass are vitamins, A, C, E and B1, flavonoids, GABA, minerals like calcium, potassium selenium etc. The barley grass also has dietary fibres, alkaloid, polysaccharides etc.

Various reasons why intake of barley grass are important

Helps in weight loss:
The dietary fibre present in the barley grass plays a huge role in weight loss in us. This has been proved by research studies also.

Good for heart health:
In type-2 diabetic persons, LDL or bad cholesterol is responsible for heart disease and intake of young barley leaf extract has shown reduction in the bad cholesterol levels in these persons.

Reduces blood pressure or BP:
Our BP could get regulated by consuming barley grass that is rich in essential vitamins, tryptophan GABA etc. The flow of blood would be proper and issues like heart failure and strokes would be avoided.

Promotes sleeping:
Sleeping is very important for us to be healthy and many do not get sleep in the nights. We could get good sleep by intake of barley grass powder rich in tryptophan, potassium, calcium etc.

It is believed that the symptoms associated with depression get reduced by the GABA present in the barley grass. This is another important reason why intake of barley grass is essential. Stress related psychiatric disorders of depression are avoided in us also.

Immunity gets improved:
The intake of barley grass could improve our immunity against many diseases due to the presence of vitamin C in it.