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By these natural ways, we could lower uric acid levels and prevent BP, diabetes etc


Posted on : 30/Sep/2020 9:01:56 AM

When we digest the food rich in purines, then the waste product that comes out is uric acid. Various foods that are rich in purines are beer, dried beans, sardines etc.  It is important to mention that purines would also be formed and broken down in the body.

Uric acid gets built up in our blood when we consume excess purines or if the body could not get rid of the by-product quickly. It is believed that high levels of uric acid in us could lead to hyperuricemia or gout. 

We could get high levels of uric acid in our blood if we eat food rich in purines, or due to stress or due to obesity, genetics etc. Our bones, joints and tissues would be damaged permanently if we ignore high levels of uric acids in us. Therefore, it must be treated compulsorily.

Lowering of uric acid levels could be done naturally by these ways

Limit consuming purine rich foods:
We must not take foods like cauliflower, mushrooms, fish, scallops etc as they have high purine content. This is one natural way to reduce uric acid levels in us.

By losing weight:
Uric acid levels would increase due to excess weight as fat cells make more uric acid than the muscle cells. Hence, it is important that we must lose weights to the lower uric acid levels. Doing exercises regularly would be superb.

By keeping a check on blood sugar levels:
This is also one important natural way of lowering uric acid levels in us. Truth here is excess insulin could lead to excess uric acid in us.

By drinking enough water:
Our kidneys flush out uric acids faster when we consume enough water. It is necessary that we must drink 8 to 10 glasses of water every day to keep us hydrated.