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Every woman must know these hidden reasons for their night sweats


Posted on : 04/Jun/2020 10:55:02 AM

Many women experience excess sweating in the night time. Excess sweating or hot flashes at the nights during sleeping are referred as night sweating,

Normally, when the room is hot or if the woman wears warm clothes in the nights, then she might experience night sweats. Sometimes, this night sweating in females might happen even when the room is cold. In those cases, the woman must consult a doctor without fail to know about her health issue.

Woman must know these hidden reasons for night sweats.    

A woman in her menopause experiences hot flashes and night sweating. This is due to the change in their hormones. It is believed that the menopause stage is the common reason for elder women getting night sweats when compared to younger women.

Chronic infections:
Not many women know that severe and chronic infections due to bacteria and pathogens could result in heavy night sweating.  Women having heart inflammation, TB, HIV, osteomyelitis etc sweat more at the night time.

Sometimes, night sweats in the woman indicate the early signs of cancer and mostly they go unnoticed. Example is lymphoma. It is said that the woman must look out for other signs of the cancer and visit the doctor without any further delay.

There are certain medicines when taken could result in night sweats. Medicines that are used to reduce fever like asprin etc or any antidepressants could result in night sweats.

Idiopathic hyperhydrosis:
This could also be the reason for excess night sweating in woman. In this case, body produces too much sweat without any cause.

Low blood sugar or hypoglycemia could also be a cause for excess night sweats. It must be noted that persons who take insulin or oral diabetes medications might have hypoglycemia at the night time and is accompanied by excess sweat.