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Want to reduce the body heat in summer season, consume these without fail


Posted on : 08/May/2020 10:57:35 AM

Nobody would have forgotten the last summer season which was one of the hottest seasons.

Now, another summer season has come and it is revealed that along with the soaring temperatures the issue of body heat could lead to many troubles. Also called as heat stress, body heat is a common health issue for many now.

Many health problems like heat cramps, damage to the internal organs, heat rashes, pimples etc could be caused as our body cannot cool down by itself. .The risk of body heat increases due to hot weather, consuming excess heat producing foods etc. Intake of juices, water etc could help us stay hydrated and reduce body heat is known.

There are few foods that must be consumed to reduce the body heat. These are

Intake of watermelon:
It is known that the water melons have 92 percent water plus others like vitamin A, C and antioxidant, amino acids etc. By consuming watermelons, it is possible to reduce our body heat effectively.  We could feel hydrated and feel cool by the intake of watermelons.

Intake of honeydew melons:
It has got 90 percent of water and minerals, nutrients, vitamins etc. Our body heat would get lowered by having honeydew melons.

Intake of cucumber:
Intake of cucumber could also lower our body heat in the summer season. It is also has lots of water in it.

Intake of mint juice:
It is good to consume mint juice in the summer season as it would bring down the body heat.

Intake of green leafy vegetables:
Few examples of green leafy vegetables are celery, kale and spinach etc. These have high amounts of water content apart from other ingredients.

Intake of Coconut water:
Delicious to taste, coconut water is the best drink in the summer time. Our body heat gets lowered by drinking coconut water.