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Be careful!! These supplements will do more harm than good for health!!

Posted on: 27/May/2024 9:01:49 AM

How many of us are aware of the fact that consuming supplements could be harmful for our health? Yes, it`s true!!

Many of us consume supplements in the form of small pills and powder etc for the sake of our health. Reasons why we consume supplements are to overcome deficiency, for getting enough proteins, to gain muscle, boosting immunity etc. Bitter truth is that not all supplements that we consume for our health are beneficial and there are some supplements that are harmful also. 

These supplements would be more harmful than beneficial.

Intake of weight loss supplements:

Though the weight loss supplements would provide us with quick results, they are harmful for us. It must be taken into account that weight loss supplements are mostly a mixture of herbs and stimulants and could lead to health problems. Sometimes, weight loss supplements intake could lead to damage of the life also and that would be a very serious issue. In the same way, green tea extract when consumed in excess amounts could lead to liver damage. So, please be careful.

Intake of caffeine supplements:

When we take caffeine supplements, then we would have superb energy plus enhanced athletic performance. In some persons, high intake of caffeine could lead to anxiety, heart palpitations etc. Irregular heart beat or atrial fibrillation could be possible due to excess caffeine consumption also. This has been mentioned in the Journal of American Heart Association. There are possibilities of dependency and withdrawal symptoms like headache and fatigue due to over consumption of caffeine supplements.

Intake of calcium supplements:

It is known that calcium intake can lead to strong bones. There are chances of getting heart disease when we consume excess calcium supplements. There is a higher risk of plaque build up on the walls of arteries by excess intake of calcium based supplements. This could lead to heart attacks etc. Kidney stones could occur in use by intake of large amounts of calcium supplements.

Intake of vitamin E supplements:

The antioxidant property of vitamin E would protect our cells from damage. Truth is that high doses of vitamins would do more harm than good. There would be increased risk of stroke due to excess intake of vitamin E. There are more risks of prostate cancer in males when they consume vitamin E supplements in excess amounts.

Intake of beta carotene supplements:

In colourful fruits and vegetables etc, beta carotene is present is known. High doses of beta carotene supplements can cause lung cancer in smokers and in those exposed to asbestos. This has been published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. So, please take care.

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