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In the hot summers, please eat these foods to lower inflammation!!

Posted on: 29/May/2024 8:58:29 AM

The weather is hot and unbearable and the temperature is high. This high temperature present during the summer season would increase inflammation in us. As a result, conditions such as dehydration, sunburn etc would get exacerbated.

What is inflammation?

Inflammation refers to our body`s natural response to infections or injuries etc. Persons with inflammation would have certain symptoms like swelling, redness, pain, heat etc in them. It is essential to eat anti-inflammatory foods and by that the above said symptoms could be controlled or managed well. It is believed that anti-inflammatory foods would provide us with essential nutrients and antioxidants that would reduce oxidative stress and inflammation etc.

Anti-inflammatory foods to eat during the summers are

Intake of leafy greens:

It is worth noting that leafy greens are rich in vitamins like A, C and K plus polyphenols and flavonoids etc. These have strong anti-inflammatory properties in them. Variou examples are lettuce, cabbage, spinach etc.

Intake of berries:

Antioxidants like anthocyanins are present in berries. Point is that these would lower oxidative stress and inflammation by neutralising free radicals.

Intake of fatty fishes:

Inflammatory molecules like cytokines etc would decrease when we eat fatty fishes having omega 3 fatty acids.  It is possible to eat fatty fishes grilled, baked or broiled etc.

Intake of turmeric:

It is known to us that cucurmin (a powerful anti-inflammatory compound) is present in turmeric.  This cucurmin would inhibit molecules that lead to inflammation in us.

Intake of nuts:

It must be noted that nuts are rich in healthy fats, fibres and vitamin E etc and they lower inflammation in us. They could be eaten as a snack or blended into nut butters etc.

Intake of olive oil:

It is surprising to note that extra virgin olive oil (containing oleocanthal) has an anti-inflammatory effect just similar to ibuprofen.

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