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Want better digestion? Never consume these vegetables along with curd!!

Posted on: 20/May/2024 9:16:04 AM

A versatile nutritious product that is consumed by many of us is curd. There are many healthy reasons for consuming curd like probiotic properties, good for digestion, good for gut health etc. By regular intake of curd, we would be able to prevent issues like osteoporosis etc in us. The presence of calcium plays an important role here. It is good to consume curd alone and not to combine it with vegetables etc. This could lead to many health issues in us.

Various vegetables that we must never combine and consume with curd are


Never combine curd with tomatoes and eat. Tomatoes are acidic in nature and curd is also acidic in nature. By combining these, the acidity issues will increase in us. There is also the possibility of lactic acid in curd curdling the proteins in the tomatoes leading to more digestive discomfort etc. So, please be careful. It is better to consume tomatoes separately from curd.


The presence of high water content in cucumbers would keep us hydrated and refreshed. We could get bloating or indigestion etc when we eat cucumbers with curd. That is due to the cooling nature of curd. This issue occurs in those persons with sensitive digestive systems. To avoid this issue, it is advised to eat cucumbers separately.

Bitter gourd:

Consuming curd with bitter gourd is not advised due to the potential adverse effects on digestion. The compounds present in the bitter gourd can cause digestive discomfort in us. Bitterness of the bitter gourd would get exacerbated due to the acidic nature of the curd. There are chances of bloating, gas indigestion etc when we combine bitter gourd with curd.


By adding aroma and flavour to the dishes, onions play a huge role. It must be noted that by consuming onions with curd we might get digestive issues like flatulence or bloating etc. Certain compounds present in the onions would be difficult to digest. Therefore, we must try to consume onions separately from curd.


Oxalates might be formed when we consume curd with vegetables like spinach etc. It is a known fact that oxalates interfere with the calcium absorption plus would lead to the formation of kidney stones in us. So, please be very careful. It is better to eat cooked spinach rather than raw spinach and not combine with curd.


Not many of us would know the fact that radish when consumed along with curd could lead to digestive issues in us. The digestion of dairy products like curd would be interfered with by consuming radish having certain compounds. As a result, we could get gas and bloating etc.


In the summer months, by intake of brinjal we would have a heating effect on the body. Our body`s balance would get disrupted and we could get digestive issues etc by eating brinjal with curd. For the sakeke of optimal digestion, it is advised to eat brinjal and curd separately.

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