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Foods that would make our teeth stronger and gums healthier!!

Posted on: 21/Sep/2023 8:32:52 AM
We all give huge importance for our physical health but not much importance for our oral health. As a result, we get many oral health based problems like teeth fall, gum disease etc and find it difficult. It is worth mentioning here that the health of teeth and gums play a huge role in the health of the entire body. Therefore, we must avoid eating those foods that could lead to poor oral health.

There are few foods that would be good for teeth and gums etc and would improve our oral health. These foods are

Intake of fruits and vegetables:

For strong teeth and healthy gums, it is necessary that we must eat fruits and vegetables etc. It is important to note that by eating fruits and veggies having high fibre content plaque and bacteria etc would get removed. Fruits like apples etc have malic acid that would whiten the teeth.

Intake of dairy products:

For building and maintaining string teeth, intake of dairy products is very important to us. It is necessary to consume dairy foods like milk, cheese yoghurt etc rich in calcium and phosphorus. Intake of yoghurt containing probiotics would help in the maintenance of oral health in us.

Intake of fishes:

Our gums would get protected from disease etc when we eat fishes with anti-inflammatory properties. Examples of fishes are tuna, salmon. The presence of omega 3 fatty acids in these fishes would also help in plaque reduction.

Intake of nuts and seeds etc:

Eating nuts and seeds would be highly beneficial for our oral health. It is known that nuts and seeds are rich in minerals, vitamins and fibres etc and these would improve our oral health.  The removal of plaque and bacteria would be possible as these foods are crunchy. Intake of nuts like almonds would make the teeth strong as it has calcium and magnesium.

Intake of water:

Our mouth would stay hydrated when we drink plenty of water. Drinking water would also wash away bacteria and food particles etc.

Intake of tea:

Not many of us would associate tea with improved oral health. It must be noted that the fluoride that is present in the tea would strengthen teeth and remove cavities.

Chewing sugar free gum:

Production of saliva would be ththere when we chew sugar free gums. This saliva would help in the removal of food particles and microorganisms etc.