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Some fantastic health benefits of crying which you might not have known?


Posted on : 07/Oct/2022 5:39:00 PM

We all cry, don`t we?

Truth is that crying is regarded as the healthy and normal function of human beings that would give us capacity to lower the pain. By crying , we create compassion and sympathy in other psons and this would help us to get the support of others during an emotional pain etc.

It must be noted that crying does not reveal that we are emotionally weak but it could be self soothing and good for our health.

What is crying:
Tears are produced in the lacrimal glands present in our eyes and the release of tears is termed as crying. Whenever we cry, we could have some changes in our breathing, facial expression and voice etc. Tears are of 3 types namely basic tears, reflex tears and emotional tears. Basic tears refers to the tears that would keep our eyes clean, moist etc.Point is that reflex tears are tears that would occur due to the reaction to some irritants etc. Those tears that are due to emotions are called emotional tears.

A person can get these benefits by crying. These are

Produces soothing effect:
It has been brought out by some research study that crying would provide us with a soothing effect. In other words, by crying we would activate our parasympathetic nervous system and due to this we could feel calm and relaxed.

Creates compassion in others:
It is believed that crying would create compassion in others and by this they would provide us good support. Truth is that the act of crying itself is more than an individual experience.

Good pain reliever:
Oxytocin as well as endorphins are released when we cry. This was brought out by some research studies. Point is that these feel-good chemicals would ease the physical as well as the emotional pain in us.

Keep our eyes clean:
Our eyes would be kept clean by tears due to crying. The enzyme lysozyme present in the tears has got good antimicrobial properties that would kill bacteria.

Improves vision:
Basal tears get released whenever we blink. The basal tears would keep our eyes moist and would prevent the mucous membranes from drying. When our eyes are kept lubricated and nice, then there would not be any issue regarding poor vision. Our vision would become blurred when the eyes become dry.

Relieves stress:
We all feel stressed in our lives due to various reasons. This stress would affect our health in manyny ways. It is believed that by crying we could get relief from stress. Fact is that our tears have a number of stress hormones and other chemicals (when we cry due to stress) and this could be a system to reduce the levels of these chemicals in us.




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