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Foods that can suppress hunger and help in weight management!!


Posted on : 16/Aug/2022 6:48:59 PM

Many of us have the habit of munching in between meals. Munching is mostly done while working and when a person does not eat huge and full meals in the day. It is important to mention that munching or eating junk foods like chips, biscuits etc between meals can make you gain weight. Mindful snacking is very important for a person and by this he or she would be able to have control over their body weights. It is necessary that we must have stocks of healthy foods at our homes. Those foods that are high in nutrients and low in calories etc.

These below mentioned foods are natural appetite suppressants and can be consumed by us between 2 meals to suppress hunger.

Almonds intake:

If you want to suppress your appetite for a good period of time, then you must consume almonds. These are rich in fibres, vitamin E and antioxidants etc. It was revealed by a study in 2006 that intake of almonds could increase the feeling of being full and would help in weight management.

Coffee intake:

Our appetite can be suppressed by drinking coffee that is rich in caffeine and other antioxidants etc. Our post meal cravings could be avoided with a cup of coffee. Intake of black coffee would be superb as it would burn calories plus help in fat breakdown and boosting metabolism. Better avoid drinking coffee with excess sugars or cream etc.

Ginger intake:

Consumed for its digestive powers and strong flavour, ginger can also be consumed to suppress hunger. It is superb to consume ginger in the form of ginger tea or can be added while making dals and subzis etc. By consuming ginger, we would be able to suppress our hunger plus it would also increase our energy levels.

Apples intake:

Not many of us would know that by eating apples it would be possible to control hunger and our weights could be managed. It is believed that fruits are superb to eat between meals. The presence of soluble fibre, pectin and water content in apples would make us feel full for a long time. By this we would not feel hungry. By consuming apples, we would need more time to chew and it would give the body more time to realise that we are no longer hungry.

Water intake:

The Simplest and easiest way that could suppress the appetite is by drinking lots of water. In addition, the digestive system would function well.  




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