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Never eat these foods if you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS!!

Posted on: 17/Aug/2022 5:42:35 PM
The food from the stomach and small intestine is moved to the large intestine by the muscle contractions during the process of digestion. It is true that persons with IBS or irritable bowel syndrome experience contractions that are too strong or too weak. Those with IBS would have several symptoms like diarrhoea, constipation plus pain and abdominal cramps etc.

The bitter fact is that there is no permanent cure for IBS bit it can be controlled or managed well by avoiding certain foods.

Various foods that persons with IBS must avoid are

Avoid fried foods:

Many of us eat fried foods like fries, fried chicken etc as they are very tasty. These foods must not be eaten by those who have IBS issues.

Avoid wheat:

The insoluble fibres present in wheat could aggravate the IBS issue and therefore persons having IBS must avoid wheat and they must eat oats etc having soluble fibres. The soluble fibres would be gentler on the gut.

Avoid nuts:

By consuming nuts, a person with IBS could feel discomfort. Hence, nuts must be avoided by them. It is known that intake of nuts can provide us with multiple health benefits.

Avoid whole grains:

The insoluble fibres present in the whole grains could irritate the intestines and could aggravate issues with diarrhoea etc. So, those with IBS must avoid whole grain consumption.

Avoid processed meats:

Too much fats in the processed meats could make the digestion process difficult. The symptoms of IBS would get increased when a person with IBS consumes processed meats.

Avoid fatty salad dressings:

Whether it is good fat or bad fat, persons with IBS must avoid intake of fatty salad dressings. The reason is that they could lead to spasms in the digestive system. It is better if the person with IBS consumes lemon juice or fine herbs instead of fatty salad dressings.

Avoid Fatty fish:

Those with IBS must not eat fatty fish because of the fact that it could lead to gastro-colic reflux. In normal persons, intake of fatty fishes with high levels of omega 3 fatty acids could be highly beneficial.

Avoid cabbage:

The fermentable foods like cabbage etc could be harmful for those with IBS issues. The carbohydrate present in the cabbage could aggravate the symptoms of IBS.

Avoid artificial sweeteners:

Though artificial sweeteners could be a superb substitute for sugar for the normal persons, in those with IBS intake of artificial sweeteners could lead to diarrhoea.