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Do you eat too much tamarind, please be careful about these health issues!!


Posted on : 25/Jun/2022 9:56:28 AM

Known for its tangy and spicy flavour, adding tamarind or (Puli in Tamizh language) would provide soups and gravies etc a special type of flavour. It is okay to eat 10gms of tamarind in a day and not more than that.

Tamarind belongs to the family named Fabaceae and is a leguminous tree. The tree bears edible fruit present mostly in tropical African nations. It is well known that tamarind produces brownish coloured of type fruits and has sweet and tangy pulp that is used in many dishes all over the world. In Many Indian cuisines, leaves of tamarind are being used. It must be noted that tamarind has magnesium and calcium and these 2 minerals would prevent osteoporosis and bone fractures in us. The presence of flavonoids in tamarind does superbly in lowering the cholesterol levels in us. It is advised not to eat too much of tamarind as it could result in health problems in us

Various health issues of consuming excess tamarind are

Damage to tooth enamel:
The sour flavour of tamarind would damage the teeth enamel. It must be noted that taking too much tamarind would be detrimental to the appearance of teeth.

Allergic reactions:
In some persons, intake of tamarind in excess could result in allergies. They might get health issues such as itching, swelling, dizziness, fainting, vomiting etc. It is true that some people might even experience shortness of breath after eating excess tamarind.

Acidity issues:
The acid level in the stomach and GI tract would get increased by consuming excess tamarind. This would then lead to acidity issues or acid reflux problems etc. Therefore, it is better to avoid too much tamarind intake.

Those who are taking vasoconstrictor medicines for their health problems must refrain from eating too much tamarind. This would lead to shrinking of blood vessels in us. By this, the flow of blood would become slower or there would not be any flow at all also. So, please be careful.

Lowers blood sugar levels:
Truth is that persons who are diabetic and taking medicine for their issue must not consume too much tamarind and it would lower their level of blood sugar.

Laxative effects:
It is known that laxative is a medicine that would stimulate the evacuation of bowels. Intake of too much tamarind having laxative properties would be harmful if the person has been using some other laxative product already.




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