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Never eat these simple fruits in combination with these common foods as they would be harmful for the heath, be careful!!


Posted on : 30/Jun/2022 9:56:47 AM

If you have been eating fruit chaat with a combination of guava and banana, then please stop it immediately!! The reason for that is we could get several health problems. Sounds unimaginable right!!

Till now, many of us would have been consuming fruits along with some common foods without knowing the fact that it would lead to health issues in us. Yes!! Its true.

Though it might sound bizarre, fresh fruits when eaten with certain foods would become toxic for us. So, please be careful. By combining fruits with certain foods, toxins would be released and we could get allergies and rashes etc.

Please avoid eating these simple fruits with these common foods.

Avoid papaya with lemon:
Not many would know the fact that when papaya fruit gets mixed with lemon then there are chances of reduction in haemoglobin levels in us. This could lead to blood imbalance etc. It must be noted that adding lemon dressing to papaya salad would become toxic.

Avoid guava and banana:
There are many who love to eat fruit chat by mixing guava and banana together. This combination could result in issues like nausea, bloating, acid reflux and even headaches too.

Avoid pineapple and milk:
It is true that this tropical fruit would be amazing and many delicacies can be made by mixing pineapple and milk together. In some persons, this combination would lead to few issues like nausea, bloating and stomach pain etc and they would find it tough. Bromelain that is present in the pineapple would react with the milk and this would result in the above said issues.

Avoid watermelon and water:
We could get digestive problems, reduced nutrients absorption, slowing down digestion process and acidity and bloating etc if we eat watermelon and drink water. So, this must be avoided. Please take care.




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