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Very important food tips for thyroid patients to lose their excess weights


Posted on : 30/May/2022 9:11:34 AM


Thyroid hormone plays a huge role in growth as well as in the metabolism of a person is a well known fact. It must be noted that hypothyroidism is a condition where the body does not produce enough thyroid hormone and the metabolism of the patient would get slowed down. The person would put on a lot of weight. Persons who want to lose their excess weights must first correct their thyroid problem.

There are few ways by which thyroid patients would be able to lose their excess weight. These are

By not consuming sugar and high carbohydrate foods:
Those persons with thyroid issues must not consume sugar and high carbohydrate foods. These would make the thyroid patients gain more weight as insulin levels would get increased. It would be good to eat foods that would not spike the insulin levels. Foods with low glycemic index such as green veggies, fruits, carrots, kidney beans, chickpeas etc could be consumed.

By consuming fibre based foods:
By eliminating bad toxins and by regulating digestion process, intake of fibre rich foods would help thyroid patients to have a control on the calories intake. This would help in the weight loss process. It would be superb to add fruits, pulses and vegetables etc.

By consuming selenium rich foods:
Those with thyroid issues must eat selenium rich foods such as eggs, sardines, Brazil nuts, legumes etc to generate lots of TSH and for weight loss. Point is that selenium in the foods would remove the free radicals. The immune system would get strengthened well.

By increased intake of iodine:
It is noteworthy that iodine is an essential mineral that would stimulate the thyroid function in the body. The persons with hypothyroidism can increase their iodine intake by consuming certain foods like fish, salt, eggs, dairy products etc. These foods would increase TSH in the body of the person.

By eating gluten free foods:
Hypothyroidism issues can be managed well by consuming foods that are free from gluten. By this, they would be able to lose their excess weight.

Eating at a particular time:
It is worthy to note that the thyroid patients must follow a fasting regime or eat meals at a particular time. It would be possible to cut down the food cravings of these patients by following a fixed meal time. This would make them eat less and would help in weight loss.

By staying hydrated:
Lastly, the thyroid patients must stay hydrated by drinking enough water. This would improve the digestion and would help in elimination o of toxins from the body.  Appetite would be reduced and it would help in weight loss.

Foods to avoid for weight loss:
Thyroid persons must avoid foods rich in Goitrogens like broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower etc.  It is believed that these foods would interfere with thyroid functioning and would disrupt weight loss. Please do not eat soy products and highly processed foods when you want to lose weight.  Examples of highly processed foods are white flour, white pasta, potato chips, white breads etc.
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