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Do you consume excess lemons then watch out for these surprising side effects?


Posted on : 26/May/2022 9:53:50 AM


Best source of vitamin C, lemon, can be consumed by us every day in the form of lemon water or lemonade etc and we need not think twice about consuming lemons. Point to be noted is that lemons belong to the family named Rutaceae. Interesting piece of information is that lemon is a small tree that is green even in the winter season.

Our hairs, skin as well as the total body would benefit from the intake of lemons are well known facts. Not many would know that consuming this sour flavoured lemon could also lead to a few side issues in us. It is not advised to consume too much lemon.

Various health problems which we might get due to excess intake of lemons are

Stomach issues:
It is usually good to drink lemon water on an empty stomach as it would help us in the process of digestion. By consuming too much lemons, our stomach might have some discomfort. The digestion process would also get reduced and this would result in stomach pain.

Toxins from our body would get flushed out by drinking lemon juice. By excess intake of lemons, our urinary bladder would become enlarged and we might feel the need to go to the toilet frequently. This would lead to dehydration in us due to loss of fluids. Excess intake of lemons can be compensated by intake of water and this would avoid dehydration issues in us.

Tooth erosion:
The acidic nature of lemons could create a tingling sensation on the teeth. Over a period of time, this could lead to decay in the enamel of the teeth. Chemical loss of mineralised tooth substances is tooth erosion. It is worthy to mention that when there is tooth sensitivity then we must reduce intake of citric acid containing foods like lemons etc.

Dry skin:
Intake of excess lemons would lead to dry skin in us. Hence, persons with oily skin types are recommended lemon intake. It is noteworthy that when we consume lemon in excess then our skin might become more dry and this could lead to flakes etc.

Not good for hairs:
Truth is that when lemons are applied directly on the hairs then the hairs would turn white. The hairs would look bad due to the acidic nature of the lemons

Worsening of canker sores in mouth:
Many of us get ulcers or canker sores in our mouths and find face issues in eating. It is believed that by excess intake of citric acid based lemons our canker sores would get worse.

Nausea and vomiting:
It is true that when we consume l lemons in excess then we might get issues like nausea and vomiting etc. So, please be careful and do not consume excess lemons.
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