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High blood sugar levels - Watch out for these specific signs in your mouth!!


Posted on : 21/May/2022 9:49:17 AM


For every disease or health issue, there are some common symptoms and it is important to watch out for these symptoms. These days one common health condition that many people have is diabetes or high blood sugar levels. Also known by the name diabetes mellitus, diabetes is a group of metabolic disorders. 

Many youngsters and children also get diabetes and this is termed as juvenile diabetes. There are certain symptoms associated with diabetes like increased thirst, frequent urination etc. Not many of us would be aware of the fact that our mouth would also reveal few signs or symptoms of diabetes or increased blood glucose levels.

Various symptoms of high blood sugar levels shown by the mouth are

Dry mouth:
When a person has high blood sugar levels, then he or she would have a dry mouth. High blood sugar levels would affect the saliva formation and the person would have excessive dryness in the mouth. Over a period of time, the dry mouth could result in sores or ulcers etc.

Cuts and infection gets healed slowly:
The immune system would become slow due to diabetes or high blood sugar levels in us. This would in turn affect the healing process and external cuts and wounds take time to heal. It must be noted that the sores, ulcers etc in the mouth would also take a long time to get cured completely.

Burning tongue or mouth:
Burning tongue syndrome could occur due to thrush and dry mouth etc. Tongue would become numb and there might also be a tingling sensation in the mouth. It is true that some people might lose their ability to taste due to aging.

It must be noted that those persons who use anti-fungal medication would have more chances of getting infection in their mouth or tongue etc. In those persons who have uncontrolled diabetes, the virus would thrive on their high blood sugars of the saliva.

Gum disease:
Production of saliva around the teeth and gums would get affected by the dry mouth. This could lead to germs as well as formation of plaque etc. The gum would get irritated and due to this gum diseases, tooth decay and tooth loss etc. Those persons with uncontrolled diabetes would have gum disease in them.

Tooth loss:
The grip around the teeth would get loosened by the formation of plaque and this would lead to teeth fall in those with uncontrolled diabetes. It is shocking to mention that those with high blood sugar levels would lose more teeth than those who suffer from other diseases. Truth is that the risk of teeth loss is higher in old age and in those who totatally neglect oral health.

Things to do to avoid oral health complications:
Those with high blood sugar levels must keep a check on their blood sugar levels and they must go to a dentist without fail. It is true that those with high blood sugar levels focus on their foot and eye and not take much care about their oral health. 
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