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Know about the cold feet issue during winter season that can be due to these reasons!!

Posted on: 28/Jan/2022 9:30:25 AM
In the winter season, if you are suffering from cold feet, don’t worry, you might not be the only one!!

Most of us would go under thick blankets, use sweaters, jerkins, coats etc to keep ourselves warm in the winter season. Truth is that in the winters our feet would be cold and we might be unsuccessful even if we use a pair of socks etc to keep our feet warm. It is said that the main reason why our feet are cold in the winters was because of the absence of warmth. There would be constriction in the blood vessels in our extremities in the cold season and that is how our body would react to drop in the temperature due to cold climate. Point is that if cold feet are accompanied by skin color changes or numbness etc then it is a must to see the doctor. The shocking piece of information is that if our feet are persistently cold then it could be due to a serious health condition.

Various reasons for cold feet in us are

Poor blood circulation:

One of the most common reasons for cold feet in the winter season is poor blood circulation. Our body would work to keep the core warm in the cold climate. It must be taken into note that our blood vessels constrict to limit the blood circulation to the core part of the body and due to this our feet would be cold.


Those with anemia issues would have cold feet. Anemia can be because of deficiency of iron or due to chronic kidney disease etc. Our body would have few normal red blood cells due to anemia issues.


Those with diabetes conditions must be careful because they could have circulation issues on their hands and feet. The arteries would become narrow due to abnormal high blood sugar levels in us. This would in turn reduce the blood supply to the tissues etc and we could have cold feet.

Diabetic peripheral neuropathy:

A type of nerve damage or diabetic peripheral neuropathy could be responsible for cold feet in us. So, please be careful.


Metabolism would get negatively impacted due to underactive thyroid gland. Hence, the blood circulation plus heartbeat and body temperature would get affected and this could lead to cold feet in us.

Peripheral artery disease or PAD:

As the plaque gradually forms inside the walls of the arteries, the arteries would become narrow or blocked. This occurs mostly in older people.