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Feeling sad for most of the time, then you might be consuming these foods unknowingly!!


Posted on : 25/Jan/2022 9:31:23 AM

How many of you know that the food we eat could affect our mental as well as our physical health?

Truth is that eating food would be superb and it would make us feel happy but sometimes it would also change our mood. Like how there are certain foods that would boost our mood, there are also certain foods that could lead to sadness etc.

 These foods which we eat could make us feel sad and depressed.

Intake of sugary treats:

We all love eating sugary treats as they are highly tasty. It must be noted that consuming sugary treats in excess amounts could lead to imbalance in the gut microbiome and this would affect the mood greatly. Hence, it is necessary to consume sugary treats in moderation only.

Intake of gluten based foods:

Those persons who are gluten intolerant and allergic to gluten etc must not consume gluten based foods. Not many would know that the intake of gluten based foods could even affect the mental health of a person.  Limiting its intake is highly necessary. Various sources of gluten are wheat, pasta, cereals etc.

Intake of French Fries:

Many of us consume French fries without knowing that it could be dangerous for our health in the long run. It is known that these foods are full of salt and intake of French fries with excess salt would be dangerous for the health. The trans-fat present in French Fries would lead to depression issues etc.

Intake of processed foods:

Intake of excess amounts of processed foods like biscuits, cheese etc would lead to anxiety, sadness and depression etc. So, please stay away from these processed foods.

Intake of white rice:

It must be noted that white rice is full of refined carbohydrates and consuming white rice frequently would lead to depression in us. Point is that white rice is one of the staple foods and we cannot eliminate white rice totally. For a healthy mind and body, we must ensure that we must limit the intake of white rice containing refined carbohydrates as much as possible.

Intake of fruits with high glycemic index:

The fruits that have high glycemic index must not be consumed by us frequently as it might lead to issues like anxiety, depression, sadness etc in us. Point is that there would be a spike in the blood sugar levels in us after consuming high glycemic index fruits etc. So, please be careful.

Intake of artificial sweeteners:

Artificial sweeteners, diet soda and other drinks could affect our anxiety levels. Studies have confirmed that intake of artificial sweeteners have been associated with neuropsychiatric issues. These artificial sweeteners might be okay for many but for some persons it could create issues.

Intake of bagels:

By eating bagels having empty calories, the blood sugar levels in us would get increased. It must be noted that bagels are made from white grains. Truth is that the spike in blood sugar levels would be more if bagels are not consumed with protein like peanut butter etc.




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