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If you have acid reflux problems, then please avoid these foods completely!!


Posted on : 07/Dec/2021 9:26:11 AM

Whatever we eat has got a direct impact on our digestive system!!

It is well known that the food we eat goes from mouth to oesophagus and to the stomach. Sometimes, when we eat mindlessly we might get nausea and that is due to the fact that we are struggling with acid reflux problem or acidity issue. From time to time, many of us would have had this acid reflux issue in us and would have found it very difficult. If a person has acid reflux issues then he or she must be very careful in eating foods. Certain foods which when consumed might worsen the acid reflux issue in us. By making certain changes in our lifestyle, it is possible to keep this issue in control. In certain severe cases, surgeries are also done on the patients if the changes in lifestyle and medications do not work for them. It is shocking to mention that in the western part of World 10% to 20% of the population have got a more severe form of acid reflux or GERD.

As these foods could interrupt the normal digestion and pH balance of the stomach, please try to avoid them as they might worsen your acid reflux issue.

Foods to be avoided to prevent worsening of acid reflux issue are

Avoid caffeinated drinks:
Those who have acid reflux problems must not consume caffeinated teas, coffee, sodas etc. It is believed that these could make acid reflux issues more intense and might lead to heart burs etc.

Avoid spicy foods:
Truth is that consuming foods like chilli peppers having capsaicin etc by those with acidity issues could irritate their oesophagus. This could lead to an increase in heartburn issues.

Avoid alcohol:
It must be noted that those with acid reflux issues must not drink alcohol and it could affect the digestive system. Those with GERD must avoid alcohol as it would inflame and irritate the stomach. Functioning of the esophageal sphincter would get impaired.

Avoid chocolates:
When a person with acid reflux or acidity problem eats chocolates, then their intestinal cells would release serotonin. This would lead to the relaxation of the esophageal sphincter and the stomach acid would flow upwards.

Avoid tomatoes:
Tomatoes provide us with many health benefits. Those having acid reflux issues must avoid eating tomatoes as they could have more issues.

Avoid processed foods:
Ready to eat processed foods like cakes, meals, tinned vegetables, biscuits etc are consumed by many of us regularly. Point is that these processed foods could aggravatate the acid reflux problem.

Avoid citrus fruits:
Persons with acidity issues must think twice before consuming citrus fruits. Truth is that these citrus fruits could increase the acid production in the stomach. So, please be careful.




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