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How well do you know about Himalayan garlic that would provide us with these superb health benefits?


Posted on : 08/Dec/2021 9:47:31 AM

How many of us know what Himalayan garlic is?

It is worthy to note that seven times stronger than the normal white garlic, Himalayan garlic is the most potent herb that is available on Earth. This Kashmir garlic or Himalayan garlic is a rare single clove type belonging to Allium Sativum. The amazing truth about Himalayan garlic is that it is harvested just once in a year only. It could grow at altitudes up to 1800m and at temperatures as low as minus 10 degree Celsius.

Himalayan garlic is also known in Hindi as Ek Pothi Lahsun. Similar to normal white garlic, this Kashmiri garlic is rich in allicin. Truth is that allicin is rich in antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties. In addition to this, it also has copper, selenium, manganese, sulfur and vitamins like B6, B1 and C etc.

Consuming Himalayan garlic would provide us many fantastic health benefits. These are

Reduces bad cholesterol:

It is possible to manage cholesterol levels by consuming Himalayan garlic. Truth is that Himalayan garlic could lower about 20 mg per dl cholesterol and triglyceride levels in us.

Treats cold and cough etc:

Besides curing cough and cold, Himalayan garlic would also help us in lowering the chances of getting affected by other diseases etc. The presence of allicin in Himalayan garlic would form a protective shield and protect us from the bacterial born diseases.

Fights cancer:

Cancerous cells would get killed by the presence of organo-sulfur compound called diallyl trisulfide. It is superb to mention here that regular intake of Himalayan garlic would reduce the chances of getting cancer by 50%.

Controls diabetes:

Our blood sugar levels would be controlled or managed if we consume two or three bulbs of Himalayan garlic every day. It must be noted that the allicin present in this garlic would combine with vitamin B and thiamine and triggers pancreas to secrete insulin.

Good for heart health:

Intake of Himalayan garlic would reduce the formation of plaque and clots by reducing the blood density. The presence of hydrogen sulfide would relax the muscles and BP would get controlled. Health of the heart would get better.

Good for liver:

Intake of Himalayayan garlic could treat liver related ailments like jaundice and typhoid etc. Liver health would improve in many ways.

Digestive issues get reduced:

Many get digestive disorders like indigestion and acid reflux etc and find it very uncomfortable. Intake of this garlic could help us to reduce these digestive disorders.  




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