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How well do you know about these vegetable stems that could also be eaten for the sake of our health?


Posted on : 01/Dec/2021 9:32:59 AM

Most of us would have eaten the flower or seed or the vegetable itself but not the stem part of vegetables.

It is true that like flowers or seeds or whole vegetables the stems also have many nutrients and they are good for our health. Point to be noted is that the stem is one of the 2 main structural axes of a vascular plant. Normally, stem would be divided into nodes and internodes and it would support leaves, flowers, fruits etc.

These are the various vegetable stems that could be eaten by us for the sake of the health.

Asparagus stem:
Belonging to the family termed ‘Asparagaceae’, asparagus are perennial flowering plants. They are full of minerals and it is good to eat the entire stem after cooking. This would make our digestion better. Truth is that the bottom of asparagus is often tossed as it could be chewy.

Celery stem:
Belonging to a family ‘Apiaceae’, celery is a plant that grows in marshes. It is known for its long fibrous stalk tapering into leaves. Celery has been used as spice also in certain soups, curry etc. The aroma of celery could be enhanced by cooking. It must be noted that celery stems are full of antioxidants plus they reduce inflammation etc.

Broccoli stem:
By consuming the broccoli stem, we could get the much needed fibre content. Broccoli stem could be parboiled and later could be added to soups or curry etc. It is true that we could eat broccoli stems in raw form also.

Bamboo or shoots stems:
Intake of bamboo stems could improve our appetite and digestion plus it could help in weight loss etc. It is worthy to note that bamboo shoots are regarded as super food and are often used in spring rolls etc. These fibre rich bamboo shoots could be added to soups or salads after they are cleaned well and boiled.

Rhubarb stem:
Rhubarbs belong to a family ‘Polygonaceae’ and they are fleshy edible stalks of species and hybrids of Rheum. It must be noted that rhubarbs are rich in antioxidants and they have anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. Not many know that the stem of rhubarb could be used to make chutneys etc.

Cauliflower stem:
Loaded with nutrients and vitamins, cauliflower stems are healthy and delicious and they could be consumed for the sake of health.  It is necessary to chop and boil so that it becomes digestible.



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