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Be aware of these important warning signs of Parkinson disease and take care!!


Posted on : 30/Nov/2021 9:28:28 AM

How many of us are aware of the fact that approximately 10million of the world population suffer from Parkinsonís disease or PD?

This PD could affect anybody in any age group. The shocking truth is that still no permanent cure has been found but this issue could be kept under control or managed well. Fine as well as gross motor skills of a person would get affected by Parkinsonís disease. It is necessary to know the early signs of this issue so that it could be managed well later on.  

There are few warning signs of PD that we must know. These are

This is one of the most common early signs of Parkinsonís disease. Truth is that fatigue would be there in 33percent of the patients and they would not be able to complete their personnel and professional work.

Those with Parkinsonís disease could have trouble sleeping. These people find it difficult to fall asleep, get up many times in the night etc. It is said that bouts of insomnia is okay and it doesnít mean that the person would have PD issues.

The studies have confirmed that approximately one in four with PD would have depression issues also. This depression would also be one important early sign of PD.

Loss of sense of smell:
Hyposmia or loss of smell sensation is present in 90% of those with PD issues. Truth is that the person would have hyposmia ten years before they are diagnosed with Parkinsonís disease.

Difficulty in perceiving others emotions:
Those with PD might not understand the emotions of those with whom they interact. These persons might not be able to understand a joke or remark etc made etc.

Small handwriting:
It is revealed that prior to motor issues those with PD would exhibit small handwriting. The letter sizes would reduce as they continue their writing. Shrinkage in the spaces between the letters and words would also be there.

Those with PD might develop anxiety also. This anxiety increases as the symptoms of PD increase in those affected. It must be noted that PD would alter the neural network that controls mood.

Excessive sweating:
Normally, sweating is good for the health but when it becomes excessive then it is an issue. This excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis would be present in some of the PD affected papatients. They would find it difficult to even hold due to slippery hands caused by excess sweating.

Urinary bladder problems:
Those with Parkinsonís disease would be lacking dopamine and as a result they would have serious bladder issues in them. The PD affected persons would feel the need to urinate at all times of the day. It is true that some patients would experience incontinence and they would feel as though they have not emptied their urinary bladder fully.

When the frequency of bowel movement decreases in the person, then the person has constipation issues. Point is that constipation could be due to various reasons and Parkinsonís disease is also one amongst those.



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