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Some surprising health benefits of consuming black raisins which we might not be aware of!!


Posted on : 29/Nov/2021 9:55:05 AM

Storehouse of nutrients, black raisins are known by various names like kala kishmish, kala manuka etc. Known for its sweet taste, black raisins are the most popular type of dry grapes. It is common to find black raisins in various dishes like kheer, phirni, barfis etc. It is important to note that kala kishmish has plenty of natural sugar and is a superb energy booster. Black rains have nutrients like water, carbohydrates, proteins, fibres, vitamins B and C, potassium etc is known.  It is necessary that we must consume black raisins as they could provide us many health benefits.

Various health benefits of intake of black raisins are

Fights bad cholesterol:
The soluble fibre that is present in black raisins is an anti-cholesterol compound. When a person eats black raisins then it would transfer LDL from the bloodstream to liver and by this bad cholesterol would be eliminated from the body. By restraining various cholesterol absorbing enzymes, the level of cholesterol would be brought down by the polyphenols present in the black raisins.

No more anaemia issues:
The black rains have rich amounts of iron in them and by consuming black raisins ever day our daily recommended intake of iron is achieved. This would keep issues like anaemia at bay.

Blood pressure gets managed:
The presence of potassium in black rains could help us in controlling blood pressure. This would be done by lowering the levels of sodium in the body.

Good for immunity:
Immunity is very important for us and with high immunity we could avoid many diseases and infections from affecting us. Truth is that by consuming black raisins our immunity would become better. This is due to the presence of vitamins like B and C in black raisins.

Good for hairs and premature greying avoided:
These days, many youngsters get grey hairs. This premature greying could be avoided by consuming black raisins. It is believed that black raisins would maintain the natural colour of the hair. Our hairs would get proper nourishment by consuming black raisins that are rich in iron and vitamin C etc. Intake of black raisins would help in blood circulation and this would prevent hair loss in us.

Good for bone health:
Not many of us know that by consuming black raisin every day we could have good bone health. This is mainly due to the presence of calcium in black raisins. It is possible that we could avoid issues like osteoporosis etc.

Good for teeth:
The presence of phytochemicals in black rains wowould not only prevent tooth decay but it would fight germs and cavities etc also.  It is true that black raisins would prevent the growth of bacteria that could lead to tooth decay.




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