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You could get dementia and age faster if you dont stop these daily habits immediately!!


Posted on : 23/Nov/2021 9:44:14 AM

These days we could come across many who are affected by a neurodegenerative issue known as dementia. Bitter fact is that this health issue could reduce the quality of life of a person and in addition it could impose mental and cognitive difficulties. Dementia could lead to memory loss plus other issues like cognitive impairment, impacts day to day life, behaviour, communicative skills etc of a person. Physical changes in the brains matter could result in dementia. Various factors that could result in dementia in us are family history, genes, injury to the brain, lifestyle etc.

It is important that a person must stop these everyday habits to avoid dementia and to avoid faster ageing.  Various habits are

Not eating enough vitamin B12 in diet:
Lack of vitamin B12 could be a huge factor in deciding whether a person would get affected by cognitive decline, loss of memory etc. Various diets like the DASH diet and Mediterranean diet could prevent dementia in us. Whether a person is vegetarian or vegan or non-vegetarian, it is necessary to include vitamin B12 compulsorily in his or her food. So, please be careful.

Ignoring heart health:
Heart attacks are on the rise now and many younger persons are getting affected with deadly heart attacks every day. It is now said that poor attention to heart health coupled with following poor cardiac preventive measures could increase a persons risk of cognitive decline and issues like dementia etc.

Leading sedentary lifestyle:
A person could get affected by many lifestyle diseases when he or she does not exercise enough and stays sedentary. By exercising regularly, we could keep cognitive issues away totally. When we do exercise endorphins get released plus heart rate gets elevated and the brain gets sufficient blood. Walking for atleast half an hour daily would be superb.

Being socially isolated:
Research studies have brought out the relation that exists between social isolation and declining cognitive health of a person. More a person is socially isolated then more would be issues like stress and anxiety etc. Brain health would get affected and it would lead to issues like dementia etc. A person would be able to stay both physically as well as mentally when he or she has a positive outlook, shows gratitude and engages in social aspects.

Poor sleeping:
In addition to making us grumpy and tired, poor or lack of sufficient sleep would also lead to poor brain health. This could lead to the issue of dementia. By not sleeping well, we might not be giving proper rest to the body parts and vital organs like the brain etc would not recharge well. It is also revealed that lack of sleep could lead to issues in memory thinking, retention and cognition etc.

Excess intake of alcohol:
There are chances that we could get poor brain health and dementia etc by intake of excess alcohol. We could get early stage memory loss by consuming too much alcohol. Therefore, it is important that a person restricts by consuming one or two drinks per day.




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