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Why you should never keep these foods inside a freezer?


Posted on : 22/Nov/2021 9:41:59 AM

Are you the one amongst those who stuff all your food items inside the freezer, then think twice hereafter!!

Most of us keep the food items inside the freezer to prevent them from getting spoilt. It is said that we must not keep all the foods inside a freezer as they might create health issues for us.

These foods must not be kept in the freezer and we must think twice before keeping these inside the freezer. Please be careful.

Avoid keeping milk:
It is true that dairy milk when kept inside a freezer would expand just like any other soda etc. Point is that milk has 87percent of water in it. The texture of milk might change and it might become grainy and slushy when milk is frozen. It must be noted that when the frozen milk is thawed then chunks are formed. There would be more separation when the fat content in the milk is higher.

Avoid keeping cucumbers:
The taste of cucumbers would become odd when they are kept inside the freezer. Point is that the texture of cucumbers would get affected and they would become soggy.

Avoid keeping eggs:
It is true that most of us keep eggs inside the freezer but this must not be done. It is revealed that when eggs are kept inside the freezer then water content might expand and it could lead to crack on the outer shell of the egg, it could provide entry to bacteria etc.

Avoid keeping fruits:
Not many are aware of the fact that fruits lose their nutritional value when they are kept inside the freezer. In addition, the taste of the fruits would also get affected.

Avoid keeping fried foods:
Keeping fried foods inside the freezer is also one mistake many of us make often. For the sake of reusing them later they are put inside the freezer. Truth is that there would be difficulty in reheating and they would lose their crunchiness and become soggy.

Avoid keeping pasta:
It is brought out that fully cooked pasta would become mushy when trying to reheat after keeping inside the freezer. So, please be careful.

Avoid keeping tomato sauce:
By keeping tomato sauce inside the freezer, water gets separated from the paste. In addition to this, the texture also gets damaged.

Avoid keeping potatoes:
Potatoes when kept inside the freezer could turn soft and mushy as water content in them would expand. The starch in t the potatoes would be changed to sugars inside freezers.




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