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Never eat these vegetables without cooking or raw as they could be dangerous for health


Posted on : 13/Oct/2021 10:51:22 AM


We all eat foods after cooking only and this has been going on for many generations. There are certain times when we consume vegetables in raw form itself without cooking. Not many know that by eating certain vegetables in raw form without cooking we could get health problems. Toxicity of some vegetables must be considered seriously by us.

Bottle gourd intake
Bottle gourd belongs to the family named Cucurbitaceae. It is true that bitter bottle gourd when consumed without cooking could lead to severe abdominal issues in us. So, please take care.

Sprouted potatoes intake
Majority of us like eating potatoes and it is one of our most favourite vegetables. It is said that sprouted potatoes are different and they must not be eaten in raw form or without cooking. When eaten without cooking, sprouted potatoes could produce solanine, a poisonous substance.

Cassava intake
Commonly used vegetable cassava or tapioca must be soaked or boiled well before it is consumed by us. Point is that raw cassava contains cyanide, a poisonous substance. It is known that cassava belongs to the family termed Euphorbiaceae a native of South America.

Eggplant or brinjal intake
It is dangerous to eat eggplant or brinjal without cooking. It must be noted that eggplant has got the same levels of glycoalkaloid similar to potatoes. Belonging to the family Solanaceae, brinjal is a plant species belonging to nightshade family.

Raw sprouts intake
Never eat raw sprouted moong or alfalfa beans etc in raw form without cooking. Truth is that pathogens could easily enter the raw sprouts and it could cause harm when consumed.

Green beans intake
There are chances of getting several digestive issues if we eat green beans without cooking. This is due to the fact that when uncooked high levels of lectin in green beans could be dangerous for the health.

Broccoli intake
Belonging to the cabbage family, broccoli is an edible green vegetable. Here, the large flower head is used as a vegetable is a known fact. When eaten in raw form or without cooking, this vegetable is not easily digested by us and we could get digestion based issues.

Cauliflower intake
It is advised not to eat cauliflower without cooking or in raw form just similar to broccoli. We could get digestive issues when we eat raw cauliflower. Eating steamed cauliflower or eating in the form of subzi would provide us with few benefits.

Mushroom intake
Mushrooms are one of the most preferred vegetables for vegans, vegetarians and non-vegetarians etc. It is dangerous to eat uncooked mushrooms due to its high potassium content. It is mentioned that uncooked mushrooms could also have bacteria and it could harm the health. Mushrooms must be washed well before cooking.
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