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By consuming too much of fructose from fruits, you could get these health problems!!


Posted on : 15/Oct/2021 9:53:12 AM


Just like the vegetables, fruits are also very important for us!!

Our health would become better by eating fruits that are rich in fibres, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals etc. Various health benefits of eating fruits are reduction in BP, reduction in cholesterol, protection against cancer etc

There are some people who consume fruits in excess without knowing that it could harm their health. Truth is that when consumed in excess, fruits could also lead to many health issues in us. It must be taken into account that fructose is a sugar and it is found in fruits, fruit juices, honey etc. It is well known to us that for sweetening many beverages and processed foods etc high fructose syrup is used.

Various side effects of excess intake of fructose are

Liver health gets affected:
Lipogenesis is a process in which the liver converts excess fructose into fats. Point to be noted here is that fat molecules are stored in the liver. This could result in the non-alcoholic fatty liver disease or NAFLD. In India, 9 to 32% have this issue in them. The reports have confirmed that those with NAFLD consume more excess of fructose than usual. In addition, there are also chances of getting liver inflammation by excess fructose intake.

Brain health gets affected:
Our brain health would get affected if we consume excess fructose even for a short time. Neuro-inflammation gets aggravated in those who consume excess fructose. Neurological disorders could happen by having excess fructose.

Obesity, diabetes, high BP etc:
By consuming excess fructose, a person would become obese plus he or she would het diabetes issue also. Fat gets accumulated and the person would be glucose intolerant. This would affect the normal functioning of the body. There could be an increase in the levels of uric acids and he or she would have increased blood pressure.

Digestive issues:
When a person consumes excess fructose, then he or she could get diarrhoea and IBS. Those with IBS would have symptoms like abdominal pain, bloating, indigestion, constipation etc. Research studies have shown that those persons with IBS when consumed less fructose had superb improvement.

Risk of eating fruit based diet:
Many who eat fruit based diets do not eat animal products like dairy etc. Fruit based diet would not include other foods like whole grains, legumes etc. It is believed that a person who consumes only a fruit based diet would not get protein, vitamin B, omega-3 fatty acids, calcium and iron etc.
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