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Information about the various health issues revealed by our nails


Posted on : 02/Oct/2021 9:15:58 AM

Our nails could show various health issues present in us!! Unbelievable isn’t it!!

Majority of us do not give that much importance to our nails when compared to other parts present in us. It is believed that having strong and healthy nails is not only a style stamen but also it would reveal about health.  Many of us might not have healthy nails. Point to be noted is that the persons who do not have healthy nails would have to worry about their health.

These conditions of our nails could reveal the health issues in us.

Weak or soft nails:
Those who have got weak nails must be careful and their nails would break easily or bend before snapping. It is revealed that over exposure to moisture could be the cause for weak or soft nails. The deficiency of vitamin B, calcium deficiency plus iron deficiency etc are revealed by soft or weak nails in us.

Brittle nails:
Rough and splitting nails are a common issue that is present in most of the women. Constant wetting and drying of finger nails could lead to brittle nails in women. Health issues like hypothyroidism and iron deficiency are shown by brittle nails.

The nail would get peeled due to external trauma. When we use nails as a tool or press our nails too firmly, then our nails get peeled. Persons who have iron deficiency would have this issue. He or she must consult the doctor.

Yellow colour:
Many women use nail polish on their finger nails to make their nails appear beautiful and stylish. Infection of constant use of nail polish could lead to yellow colour of the nails. Truth is that in rare cases yellow nails could indicate thyroid issues, lung disease etc also.

Black lines:
Black lines are also called splinter haemorrhage. Truth is that these lines could appear multiple times. External trauma such as accidentally slamming the door on the finger could lead to this issue. Blood vessel inflammation under the nails is revealed by these black lines.

Scattered white spots:
The zinc deficiency in us is indicated by the presence of scattered white spots on the nails. Other reasons for this issue is allergic reaction, fungal infection etc.

Presence of half moons:
Few of us would have half moons on the nails. These are little white curves present on the base of the nails. Malnutrition, depression, anaemia etc are revealed by this.

Bluish nails:
Having bluish nails doesn`t mean that the body is not getting enough oxygen. Truth is that it could indicate lung issues like emphysema in us. In addition, heart based issues are also shown by the presence of bluish nails in us.




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