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Do you know?? - We could get these health benefits when we do not eat meat!!


Posted on : 28/Sep/2021 9:51:22 AM

Most of the world’s population eat meat and due to this reason there are so many meat based dishes available across the world. It must be taken into note that till now many debates have been going on regarding which is the beast, whether eating meat or not eating meat. It is true that giving up eating non vegetarian foods and eating pure vegetarians is not very easy. However, a person who is a non vegetarian could become vegetarian if only he could make up his mind. There are some benefits if we do not eat meat and it would be both physical as well as emotional. Meat based foods might be rich in proteins and various nutrients but could create health issues also.

Various health benefits of skipping meat totally or reducing the intake of meat are

Acidity gets reduced:
When we eat meat products, acids can get stimulated in our stomach. This could further lead to heartburns, stomach pain, headaches etc in us. It is important to mention here that eating plant based foods could counteract acid production in the stomach.

Weight loss:
Those who have excess weight could benefit by leaving meat consumption. Truth is that by eating just plant based foods the overweight person would lose his or her weight. It is believed that those who eat plant based foods consume fewer calories and fats that the meat eaters.

Healthy gut:
By eating vegetarian foods, growth of healthy bacteria is promoted. This would prevent digestive disorders. It is true that by eating meat based foods the intestines would get harmed due to preservatives etc.

Reduced risk of type-2 diabetes:
Though both vegetarians as well as non vegetarians get affected by diabetes, the non vegetarian eaters have more risk of getting this issue. It is said that the presence of hormones, iron and nitrate content in meats would increase the risk of diabetes.

Reduced cholesterol levels:
The cholesterol levels in us would become more when we consume non vegetarian foods. This would be due to the high saturated acids present in non vegetarian foods.

Reduced infection risks:
Truth is that by giving up eating meat etc, the infections and inflammations would be lowered. Point is that if the animal has infections then it might get transferred to humans also. When pure plant based food is consumed, then inflammation is reduced well.

Good for skin:
It is possible that we could get skin based issues like acne eczema etc by consuming meat or non vegetarian foods. Antioxidants plus fibers present in the vegetetables could make the skin healthier.

Reduced heart issues:
Our heart health would become better by skipping meat. Heart disease would occur by consuming meat and in other non vegetarian foods having saturated fats.




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