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By avoiding these mistakes, we can get healthy gums and teeth


Posted on : 09/Sep/2021 9:51:11 AM

Most of us ignore taking care of dental health and end up in many dental based problems later. Truth is that physical health is being given huge importance and oral health is ignored totally. Teeth and gums are very important for us and we must take care of them without fail. There are few mistakes we do often and the mistakes would harm the teeth and gums. This would lead to many difficulties in eating, chewing etc.

Various mistakes that must be avoided for healthy teeth and gums are

Not using mouthwash:
Just brushing the teeth is not enough. Many of us do not use a mouthwash and just brush teeth twice a day. This must be avoided. It must be noted that we must use mouthwash twice per day and that our teeth and gums would be healthy by killing the leftover bacteria in the mouth.

Not visiting the dentist:
The importance we place for our physical health is greater than dental health. This is revealed by the frequency with which we get our body check up done. Many of us do not visit a dentist to know about our dental health. By visiting a dentist atleast once a year, it would be possible to maintain strong teeth plus avoid dental infections also.

Ignoring bleeding gums:
Sometimes, after brushing the teeth the toothbrush would show red stains but the truth is that we do not give much importance to it. Bleeding gums issue is revealed by the red stain and it could lead to many issues. Hence, it is necessary to go to a dentist as soon as possible.

Using too much toothpaste:
Just a small amount of toothpaste is enough to brush the teeth, but most of us use large amounts of toothpaste.

Using same toothbrush for longer time:
This is another common mistake the majority of us make. It is believed that by using the same toothbrush we might get oral infections. The toothbrushes must be changed once in 2 months atleast.

Brushing teeth with force:
It is enough if we brush teeth gently for about 2 minutes and forceful brushing is not needed. Sp, please be careful. 




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