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These remedies would provide superb relief from dry throat issue


Posted on : 11/Sep/2021 9:33:41 AM

When the season changes then the immunity present in us might go down resulting in issues such as cold, fever etc. We could develop dry and itchy throat and find that uncomfortable. We could experience issues in chewing and swallowing if the dry throat persists in us for a long time. There are few symptoms that are associated with the dry mouth issue and these are cracked lips, itchy throat, coughing, mouth sores etc.

There are some remedies available at homes and these would cure this dry throat issue effectively.

Drinking tulsi honey tea:

It is good to drink tulsi honey tea when there is a dry throat issue. Numerous health issues could be avoided by the antibacterial and antifungal properties of honey.

Drinking turmeric milk:

For dry throat issues, it is superb to consume milk with turmeric. Our immunity would get better by the addition of turmeric. It is believed that by drinking a glass of warm turmeric milk our dry throat would be cured very fast.  

Consuming ghee:

This is also a superb remedy to cure dry throat. The anti-inflammatory plus antibacterial properties of ghee would help in keeping our throat moist. Truth is that ghee would always be available in our homes.

Drinking saline water:

Drinking saline water is regarded as one of the most effective ways to cure dry throat. Salt must be added to warm water and the combination we must gargle for 2 times per day. By this, we could be free from the dry throat that is troubling us.

Drinking herbal tea:

Throat irritation and dryness could be due to the pollution and dust particles. It is believed that by drinking herbal tea we could be free from dry throat.

Fenugreek seeds:

We could avoid getting dry throat and other issues of the throat with the help of fenugreek seeds having anti-inflammatory properties. Here, we must add some fenugreek seeds to water and warm the water till it becomes a different colour. Then it is removed from the flame and allowed to cool. Point is that we must gargle with this decoction atleast two times per day.

Gargling with Apple cider vinegar or ACV:

It is known that ACV has antibacterial properties and it would help us to fight many infections etc. Here, one or two tablespoons of ACV are mixed with a cup of water and we must gargle. It is good to take a small sip of the contents. 




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