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Normal functioning of our gut or GI could be affected by these bad habits, be careful!!


Posted on : 29/Jul/2021 8:57:42 AM

For our health to be good, it is essential that various nutrients get absorbed by our body. The gut in us plays a superb role in ensuring this. It must be taken into note that our gut plays a big role in the production of energy, in our mental health and also in our hormonal balance etc. There are millions of bacteria in our gut and this would help us in digestion and for strong immunity etc. Also called gastrointestinal tract or GI, gut is a tract that starts from the mouth and ends in anus.

Normal functioning o four gut could get affected by various bad habits like

Lack of probiotics in diet:

For the gut health to be good, it is important that we must eat natural prebiotic foods like bananas, garlic, onions etc. Point is that prebiotics feed the good bacteria in the gut and would improve our overall health.

Intake of high amounts of sugar:

Many of us have the bad habit of excess sugar intake. Our gut would be affected when we eat only processed foods. The healthy bacteria present in our gut would get harmed if we eat foods rich in sugar content.

Lack of proper sleep:

We could be harming our gut health if we do not sleep well. It is known that irregular sleep cycles would result in irritation, constant fatigue, acidity issues etc. Stress would become more if we do not sleep properly and this stress would affect the gut health.


For our overall health to be good it is a must to drink water. Drinking good amounts of water at regular intervals would help in digestion, bowel movements etc. Throughout the day, we must drink lots of water. We must drink atleast 2 litres of water in a day for the sake of good health.

Not exercising:

For our body to be fit and healthy, exercising is important. Heart health, weight loss plus good blood circulation would be possible by doing regular exercises. It is believed that any form of physical activity such as playing sports or doing yoga etc (that causes body movement) is good.

Low fibre intake:

We could get issues like diarrhoea, constipation etc if we eat a diet having low fibre content. For good digestion plus for stabilising the blood sugar levels, fibres play a huge role. Therefore, every day we must consume vegetables, fruits and whole grains etc rich in fibre content.




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