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Low testosterone levels in young men are indicated by these signs!!

Posted on: 10/Jul/2021 9:01:44 AM
Men nearing the age of 50 or above the age of 40 could have low or poor testosterone levels and this is normal. If this issue occurs in persons in their 20s and 30s, then it is not normal and he must consult the doctor compulsorily. Serum testosterone tests would have to be conducted on these persons to know about their testosterone levels. When a male has normal testosterone levels then it would range between 300 to `1000 ng/dl and those with low testosterone levels would have levels below 300 ng/dl.

It is well known that men’s appearance and their sexual development is due to their testosterone hormone. This would stimulate sperm production and libido etc. A male would show various signs if his testosterone levels are low.

These signs are

Low energy levels:
It is true that men with low testosterone levels would have low energy, extreme fatigue, night sweats etc. Inspite of sleeping well, he would feel tired always and would find it difficult to do physical activities. This low energy levels issue could be overcome by having high fibre and protein rich foods.

Mood swings:
Low levels of testosterone are indicted by mood swings because testosterone could influence mood and emotions. It is clear that those with low testosterone levels could have radical mood swings plus face depression, irritability etc. This issue could be overcome by doing meditation and yoga.

Muscle loss:
This is also one sign of low testosterone levels in men. It must be noted that due to the muscle loss he would not be able to do exercises etc. By taking Ayurvedic supplements, it is possible to overcome this issue.

Weight gain:
Those with low levels of testosterone could have increased body fat or weight gain. It is worthy to note that imbalance between testosterone and estrogen could lead to gynecomastia or enlargement of breast tissues in men. Weight gain issues could be overcome by taking testosterone booster capsules along with a nutritious diet.

Poor facial hair growth:
When a male in his 20s and 30s experiences loss of body hair and minimal growth of facial hair, it is clear that he might have poor levels of testosterone. Onion oil could help in new hair growth.

Low sex drive:
It is absolutely normal for males above 40 to have low sex drive. A male in his 20s and 30s sometimes would show sudden drop in their desire to have sex and this could be due to their low testosterone levels.

Erectile dysfunction:
A person with poor testosterone levels would have issues in getting erections. This is also an important sign of low testosterone levels in men.  Stamina and sexual performance could be boosted by some natural supplements.