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Be careful about these disadvantages of drinking excess amounts of coconut water


Posted on : 05/May/2021 6:24:24 PM

We all would have tasted coconut water many times in our lives. This amazing and easily available drink is highly refreshing and light on the stomach. Many prefer this coconut water instead of coffee or tea also as it is very healthy. Loaded with many nutrients like calcium, potassium, manganese, magnesium, selenium and folate etc, drinking coconut water would cool us down quickly. The benefits of intake of coconut water are well known but not many of us would know about the disadvantages of intake of coconut water.

Various disadvantages of drinking excess amounts of coconut water are

Increases blood sugar levels:

The sugar that is present in the coconut water is low but it has got carbohydrates and calories in it. It is revealed that those with blood sugars must avoid drinking coconut water every day. The blood sugar levels might increase leading to issues.

More work for kidneys:

The high amounts of potassium present in this coconut water would act as diuretic and it would help the kidneys flush out water. Point is that the kidneys would have to work harder to get rid of excess water.

Might act as laxative:

The coconut water is a natural laxative and drinking excess of this drink could have laxative effects on the digestive system. It must be taken into account that those with IBS must avoid excess intake of coconut water.

Might lower BP:

It is worthy to note that excess intake of coconut water could lead to reduction in the blood pressure. Therefore, persons with low pressure must limit the intake of this drink.

Not good for those with allergies:

Coconut water comes from tree nuts and persons who are allergic to tree nuts must avoid drinking coconut water as they might get severe allergies. So, please be careful.

Not suitable for those with heart diseases:

It must be noted that a single fresh cup of coconut water contains 252 mg of sodium. Those with high BP or with heart diseases must not consume this drink or they must limit the intake.

Might lead to electrolyte imbalance:

Intake of too much of coconut water could lead to adverse effects in us as it could lead to hyperkalemia. This could lead to weakness, lightheadedness and loss of consciousness etc. 

Could lead to weight gain:

Packed coconut water has got 92calories and by drinking this we could gain weight. It is better to go for fresh coconut water than the packed one. 




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