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Parents must know about these reasons for their baby crying unstoppably


Posted on : 06/May/2021 7:26:27 PM

Babies do not remain silent always. It is normal for the babies to cry and crying is a way by which a baby catches the attention of his or her parents. Crying is also the way by which the baby would convey that it needs something. Truth is that babies usually cry 1 to 3 hours every day and there is no issue in that.

There are times when the baby cries continuously and this must not be ignored or taken lightly by the parents.

There are various reasons why the baby would not stop their crying or cry unstoppably.

Crying for being hungry:
This is one important reason why many babies cry uncontrollably. Point is that the stomach of the baby is small and it cannot hold much. The baby would cry even if it had last fed just a while back. It would cry as it is very hungry.

Crying for being over tired:
There are times when the baby would become over tired. It is said that winning and crying at the slightest thing would reveal that the baby is overtired. In that time, parents must make their baby sleep. So, parents must take a note of this.

Crying as it feels:
In the late afternoons or in the evening, a baby below 5 months would cry. This is said to be normal but stressful at times. It must be noted that persistent crying is called colic.

Crying for napkin change:
A baby would feel bothered due to a wet or soiled napkin. This would affect the tender skin of the baby.  In this situation, it is important that parents must remove the napkin and give the baby some napkin free time.

Crying for the sake of cuddle:
Baby would need a lot of cuddling from its parents. Here, the parents must keep their baby close to them and sing some songs also.

Crying for burp:
This happens to many babies and parents must be aware of this. The baby might start crying right after the feed and it could be because of the wind it has swallowed during feeding or during crying. It is important that the parents pat or rub the back of the baby to burp the baby.

Crying for sake of calmness:
The baby might get over stimulated when it is given too much attention. In this scenario, parents must take the baby somewhere calm and quiet to soothe them.




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