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Bottle gourd juice dissolves the excess tummy flab!!


Posted on : 12/Apr/2021 12:28:16 PM

Generally, some medical experts advise against taking fruit juices! But dont please conclude that all juices are harmful to health!

Some vegetables can better be taken in the juice form rather than eating them raw!! In this genre, let us be aware of the properties of the bottle gourd juice to dissolve the excess tummy flab:

  • Bottle gourd is one of the healthiest vegetables to consume! It has rich water content. It is also rich in nutrients and mineral salts! Further, bottle gours id rich in Vitamin C as well as Calcium!
  • Bottle gourd juice helps check and control the sugar level in the blood!  Also keeps the blood pressure in check! Hence, even diabetics and high blood pressure patients can take bottle gourd juice!
  • The excess water content in bottle gourd end=sure no dehydration of the body water content. At the same time, it also helps remove the excess water accumulated in the body! The excess water in the bottle gourd helps to keep the body cool.
  • The traditional medicinal practices such as Siddha & Ayurvedha confirm the bottle gourd has the property to cure any body-heat-related issues!
  • Bottle gourd is the ideal intake for the citizens planning to reduce body weight. As the bottle gourd is rich in fibre at the same time has low calories, it helps check and control hunger!
  • Bottle gourd also has the proper to enhance the body water content. So, the excess body water will be released as urine! When affected with infection in the urinary tract, when taking bottle gourd juice, will check and cure the infection in the urinary tract!
  • Bottle gourd is also an ideal cure for both constipation and diarrhoea! The excess water and the fibre content in bottle gourd checks and enhance the function of the digestion system!
  • Bottle gourd also has the chemical known as choline which helps reduce the tension in the brain! This would help cool the body and at the same time reduce mental tension! As such, the prospects of being affected by complaints such as mental tension, restlessness, etc.!
  • With the regular intake of bottle gourd juice, the excess fat content in the body reduces! Blood pressure reduces as well! As such, this helps enhance heart health!