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It is important that we must eat fermented cabbage or sauerkraut for these reasons


Posted on : 27/Feb/2021 9:36:25 AM

Since the 4th century BC, fermented cabbage has been used as a traditional food source is  a known fact. This fermented cabbage is also known as sauerkraut. Point is this is one of the oldest and most common forms of preserved cabbage. The nutritional as well as the sensory features of the food could be preserved and expanded and fermented foods play an important role in that. Wide diversity of flavours and aromas are produced. It is important to mention here that fermentation also helps enrich the foods with vitamins, proteins, minerals etc. Olives, pickles are examples of other fermented foods.

The fermented cabbage or sauerkraut has got large amounts of lactic acid plus others like tyramines, vitamins like A, B, K, C, iron, folate, calcium and potassium  etc.

Various benefits of intake of sauerkraut are

Prevents atopic dermatitis:
The research studies have shown that high intake of fermented cabbage could reduce the atopic dermatitis. It must be noted that atopic dermatitis is a long standing skin condition and a person with this issue would have reddish and itchy skin.

Might prevent asthma:
There are many biological compounds present in fermented vegetables and these are vitamin c, minerals, dietary fibres, lactic acid bacteria etc. it is said that some strains of this bacteria in fermented foods are known to have strong immune enhancing effects against allergies like asthma etc. Prevention or controlling asthma could be possible by sauerkraut intake.

Controls BP:
Intake of sauerkraut could reduce BP or hypertension in us effectively for 2 reasons. First reason is low sodium content of sauerkraut is linked with low incidence of BP and second reason is that some antioxidative and anti atherosclerotic effects of the bio compounds present in this fermented food could reduce cholesterol levels and control BP.

Prevents diabetes:
Truth is that the presence of fatty acids, alcohols and lactic acids in sauerkraut would manage or prevent metabolic disorders like diabetes. It is worthy to note that the anti-diabetic property of this fermented vegetable is mainly due to the antioxidant activities of these acids.

Good for digestive health:
Our digestive health would get better by the intake of sauerkraut and this would be due to the presence of probiotics and prebiotic fibres in this food. We could be free from issues like constipation and diarrhoea etc. Our overall gastrointestinal health would be superb as healthy.

Good for bones:
The presence of vitamin K2 or menaquinone in sasauerkraut is associated with better bone health. Many bone related diseases like osteoporosis etc could be prevented in us.

Helps in weight loss:
Being low in calories and high in dietary fibre content, intake of sauerkraut would keep us feeling full for a long time. We would be able to lose excess weight.