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Some incredible health benefits of eating kokum which we might not know


Posted on : 02/Mar/2021 9:37:39 AM

Belonging to the mangosteen family, kokum are tiny round, dark purple in colour and acidic to taste. Kokum fruit is used in preparing many dishes is well known. It must be noted that the kokum plant is found mostly in the Western Ghats in India. People belonging to Gujarat, Maharashtra and coastal states of south India use kokum as an ingredient more frequently. This kokum could be consumed by us either in the raw form or as a juice and it would provide us plenty of health benefits.

These are the health benefits of consuming kokum

Prevents infections in us:

The antifungal and antioxidant properties of kokum play a huge role in keeping us free from various infections. The kokum fruit could also be used as a preservative.

Good for digestion:

Persons with issues like diarrhoea and constipation could get befitted by intake of kokum. The digestive heath would be superb by consuming kokum.

Anti- ageing properties:

It is true that kokum has anti-ageing properties in it and our skin and hair texture would get better by consuming kokum.  It is believed that by the intake of kokum repair and regeneration of cells is possible.

Anti-inflammatory properties:

The anti-inflammatory property of kokum makes it useful in the treatment of sores or it could be directly applied to treat rashes, burns etc.

Controls cholesterol levels:

It is known that kokum has got no saturated fats and is low in calorie content. By consuming kokum, our cholesterol levels get managed well. This fruit can be consumed by heart patients. Production of excess fat gets prevented and weight loss would be possible.

Prevents dehydration and stroke:

In the summer season, it is good to have kokum as it has got cooling properties. We could feel refreshed by eating kokum. Dehydration and strokes are avoided in us.

Provides many nutrients to us:

Truth is that by intake of kokum we could get the essential vitamins and nutrients. Malic acid, citric acid etc are present in kokum. Kokum also has ascorbic acid, vitamin B and minerals like manganese. Potassium etc that is necessary for our health.

Mood elevator:

Kokum could elevate our mood when we feel low. It could ease our anxiety and provide calmness in us. By consuming kokum our serotonin levels get increased.

Few side effects:

It is worthy to note that kokum must be avoided by those with high BP. We must not consume Kokum in excess amounts as it could result in metabolic acidosis.