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Every pregnant woman must know about these foods that would induce labour faster?


Posted on : 23/Jan/2021 9:26:39 AM

It is said that pregnancy would be superb for women until the last week.  Women get highly stressed in the last week when she is about to deliver the baby. Mostly, women wait until the last week to deliver the baby. There are few foods that are available and these foods could get the labour started.

These foods that will induce labour faster are

Pineapples consumption:
The cervix gets softened up by the bromelain that is present in the pineapples. This would induce labour in pregnant women.

Dates consumption:
It is believed that by eating 6 dates every day until a month before the expected date of delivery a pregnant woman would be able to deliver her baby before. A study in 2011 has proved this. It is said that eating dates is one of the natural ways to induce labour and dilation.

Eating spicy foods:
One of the oldest ways of speeding up the labour is by consumption of spicy foods like capsicum etc. The capsaicin that is present in capsicum could work against the endorphins produced during the labour. It is advised to eat spicy foods moderately and not excessively.

Eating liquorice root:
Truth is that intake of liquorice root could induce labour in pregnant women faster. It is important to note that intake of little quantities of liquorice root could be safe. Excess intake might lead to premature birth with complications.

Eating raw green papayas:
By eating raw green papayas, a pregnant woman could have uterine contractions. Papayas have latex and papain that acts as prostaglandin. It is important to choose the correct papaya as riper one would have less papain enzyme.

Eating garlic:
Garlic is widely used in many cuisines due to its unique taste. One of the most popular ways to induce labour is by eating garlic. By consuming pungent smelling garlic, the bowel movement would be stimulated and labour is triggered.

Drinking castor oil:
Castor oil that is extracted directly from the bean is highly effective for inducing labour. It is one of the popular and oldest ways. By drinking castor oil, blood flow is promoted and labour would be easier.