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These fantastic health benefits of intake of pomegranate tea would surely surprise many


Posted on : 21/Jan/2021 9:47:00 AM

One of the highly consumed teas across the world is pomegranate tea. It is worth mentioning that this pomegranate tea is brewed either from the crushed seeds of pomegranate, peels etc, dried flowers or from concentrated juices with green, white or any herbal tea. The antimicrobial, anti-oxidative plus anti-inflammatory properties of pomegranate fruit are superb for health.

There are some studies that have revealed that pomegranate tea has got three times the antioxidant activity when compared to green tea etc.

Various nutrients present in pomegranate:

It must be noted that pomegranate peels are the most nutritious part of the fruit and they have a large number of polyphenols like flavonoids  (catechins, anthocyanins  etc) plus others like condensed tannins, phenolic acids like gallic acids etc. There are anthocyanins and organic acids, pectin, water etc present in arils. Minerals, proteins, polyphenols plus vitamins, isoflavones etc are present in the seeds of this fruit. Punicalagin is an important component of the tannin family and this is present in the flowers.

Health benefits of pomegranate tea:

Good for heart health:

It is said that by consuming pomegranate tea the health of our heart would become better. We could get protection from issues like strokes, heart attacks etc by polyphenols that have antiatherogenic properties.

Promotes good reproductive system:

Chemotherapeutic drugs could lead to oxidative damage and by intake of pomegranate tea our reproductive system could get protected. The concentration of the sperm gets increased and there would be an increase in the sperm mobility. We could not get affected by prostate cancer etc by consuming this tea.

Controls diabetes:

The spike in the glucose levels get reduced byre the presence of ellagic acid and punicalagin in this pomegranate tea. By this, diabetes gets managed well. We would be able to avoid risks of diabetic complications in us by drinking this superb tea that is rich in gallic acid and oleanolic acid.

Good for weight loss:

The cholesterol reducing effects of punicic acid in the pomegranate tea could help in the weight loss. Lipids or fats present in the blood get reduced by the pomegranate leaf. Weight management is possible by drinking this tea.

Anti cancer properties:

It has been pointed out by some research study that quercetin and ellagic acid in pomegranate tea have anticancer properties and this would prevent the growth of cancer cells. Pomegranate tea is effective against lung cancer, breast cancer etc.

Alzheimers disease is avoided:

The anti-neurodegenerative properties of pomegranate tea play a huge role here. The neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimers etc get slowed down by the presence of punicalagins and urolithins present in the tea. Issues like inflammation of neurons and impairment of memory etc could be avoided.

Good for skin:

This is also one of the superb benefits of intake of pomegranate tea. It is believed that by drinking this tea skin damage due to UV light gets reduced. The oxidative potential of pomegranate tea does superbly.

Prevents bone disease:

It has been shown by the studies that the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of this tea could be beneficial for osteoporosis issues.