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Want to keep your weight in control, try these superb and easy cardio exercises


Posted on : 16/Jan/2021 9:38:45 AM

To be healthy and fit, we must do exercises daily for atleast one hour. The truth is that the majority of us do not have time at our disposal for daily exercises and we skip them. When the exercises are done in the morning then we could get the best results. It is revealed that doing cardio exercises is very easy and would yield superb results. Starting the day with jogging in the early morning could make us feel fresh throughout the day.

Benefits of cardio exercises:

Our heart health could become better plus the blood circulation gets improved by jogging. Toning of thigh muscles and legs and weight loss would be possible by doing cardio exercises. Our blood pressure gets regulated and our blood sugar levels would be kept in check. Our bones would get strengthened by cardio exercises. One of the most important benefits of doing cardio exercises is our stress would get reduced and it would bring calmness in us.

These below mentioned cardio exercises would help us in managing weights.


Running helps us to burn calories and help us to shed extra weight. This is one of the basic cardio exercises and is easy to do. For starting the mornings, it is said that running at medium speeds would be superb. Initially, we could do short running and later try long trails.

Jumping rope:

By doing jumping rope we would be able to build our muscle strength. Our shoulder strength would get better plus it would improve our coordination. This exercise is regarded as the best exercise for lungs and heart. By doing this jumping rope, we would be able to lose weight quickly.

Climbing staircase:

We would be able to lose extra kilos at faster rates if we do staircase climbing. This amazing exercise would burn 600 cal to 700 calories per day. Power of our muscles would become more and our lower body would get more strength. Since this exercise would put lots of pressure on our knees and leg joints we must do this carefully. We must never over do this exercise.


One of the highly effective forms of cardio exercise is cycling. We can do cycling either early morning or in the evening and is highly effective for weight loss. By cycling, our bones and tissues get strengthened.


By doing swimming, our entire body would benefit. Swimming would make us fit and healthy. We would be able to burn 30 to 35 calories evenen if we do swimming for a short time. It is said that swimming would keep us in shape and our muscle condition would become better. By swimming, our whole body gets toned up and swimming is a full body workout.