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Apart from menopause, hot flashes issue in women could be due to these factors


Posted on : 12/Jan/2021 9:47:54 AM

Women mostly would find sudden sensations of warmth on their neck, chest etc and this is due to hot flash. Mostly the hot flashes occur in the night time and are accompanied with visible redness and profuse sweating. The issue of hot flashes is common in women in their pre-menopausal and in the menopausal stage because of low oestrogen levels.

It has been mentioned by some research studies that hot flashes are a type of temperature dysfunction and any disruption in the gonadal, sex and reproductive hormones would lead to hot flashes. There are few reasons (apart from the menopause) that could lead to hot flashes in women.

These are

Presence of tumours:

Those with thyroid, pancreatic cancers would experience hot flashes in them. It has been shown by some study that 51 to 81% of women with breast cancer had hot flashes.

Sex steroid hormones:

It is believed that sex steroid hormones like oestrogen are regarded as high risk factor for hot flashes. The thermo-regulatory homeostasis of the body gets affected by decrease in the oestrogen levels. This would result in body warmth.


Hot flashes could also be due to oestrogen related decline glucose delivery to the brain. There would be a reduction in the glucose transportation to the brain by low oestrogen. It must be noted that when the activity of the brain gets increased and more glucose is needed then the body is unable to up-regulate to maintain the supply. This would lead to hot flashes.

Genetic variation:

It is revealed that genetic variation might also lead to hot flashes. It is because of this reason some premenopausal women face hot flashes at an early stage and for longer time whereas others not.

Eating disorders:

Truth is that hot flashes could be due to eating disorders like anorexia, bulimia etc. the immune system gets compromised here. It is said that a decrease in the immune system could disrupt the hypothalamus. It is known that hypothalamus (part of brain) regulates body temperatures and could lead to hot flashes.

Race and ethnicity:

Not many would know that race and ethnicity could also be a factor for hot flashes. The hot flashes would occur more in the African American women than Caucasian women. It is believed that differences in the lifestyle factors play a huge role here.


Hot flash is experienced by 35% of women in their pregnancy and 29% after the delivery. It is said that hot flashes would occur due to the hormonal fluctuations and reproductive transitions during pregnancy.

Being obese:

Fact is that high obesity is linked with the issue of hot flashes. The body fat acts as an insulator and would inhibit the release of heat. This could lead to more episodes of hot flashes.