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Red meat intake increases the risk of heart diseases - Tips to switch from red meat to plant based foods


Posted on : 07/Dec/2020 9:41:22 AM

Many of us eat red meat. It is said that by consuming red meat we are at a risk of getting heart diseases easily. Shocking isnt it!!

It is important that we must have healthy heart health for our lives to be normal. Poor heart health would reduce or stop its basic function (pumping blood to various parts of the body).  It is known that heart disease or coronary heart disease or CHD or ischemic heart disease or IHD involves reduction in the blood flow to the heart muscle and is the most common type of heart disease.

Truth is the diet we eat plays a huge role in heart heath. It is believed that a few diets like vegan diet Mediterranean diet etc could be god for our heart. The shocking piece of information is that we could get heart diseases by intake of red meat.

It was revealed by a recent study that by substituting the intake of red meat with plant based foods could reduce the risk of getting heart disease by 20percent. The study has been published in British Medical Journal. Daily consumption of red meat could increase the risk of coronary heart disease by 12percent. Information is that swapping red meat with whole grains, dairy products such as milk yoghurt etc could reduce the risk of coronary heart diseases in us.

The habit, taste plus availability of other foods have been cited as the reasons why many people find it tough to switch from red meat intake to plant based foods.

There are different ways by which we would be able to switch from red meat to plant based foods and these are

By looking out for vegan options:

Many vegan substitutes of all types of red meat are now available in the market. This is because of booming vegan culture. It must be noted that these food products would look exactly like meat and would taste like red meat but they are made from plant based products.

By limiting the red meat intake:

This is also one important way by which we could avoid excess intake of red meat and thereby reduce the risk of getting heart diseases. By limiting the red meat consumption to not more than once a week, the heart would be healthy.

By opting for lean meats:

Chicken or fatty fish (lean meats) intake would be superb instead of red meat intake. By this, we would be able to get good nutrition and not put the heart at high risk of disease.

By making meat as side dish:

It is believed that by making meat as s a side dish instead of the main dish we could be able to lower the risk of heart diseases. As the main food we could eat vegetables.