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Your poor memory could be due to these reasons, take care


Posted on : 02/Dec/2020 9:30:19 AM

Many of us forget small things in our lives and that is very common and there is no need to worry about that. Sometimes, we keep on forgetting some important things and it indicates that something is not right in us. Point is that we must not ignore it. 

If we are aged then this issue of forgetting is not a big issue but when we are young and keep on forgetting things then it must be considered seriously.  Many of us feel that decline in the memory is associated with health problems like Alzheimers disease, dementia etc. Truth is that negligence and lifestyle habits could also result in memory decline.

There are few reasons why we keep on forgetting important things often in our lives and these are

Excess intake of alcohol:

Not many would associate the harmful effect of alcohol on both liver and brain. It is believed that by consuming excess alcohol then the brains communication pathways get affected. This would intern affect the way in which the brain works. By consuming more alcohol, we could forget many things. Our mental abilities could get impaired by increased alcohol intake by us and this has been brought to light by many research studies.

Low vitamin B12 in us:

This could also be another reason why we forget things often. It is said that the essential nutrient vitamin B12 needed by our body could also be responsible for our decrease in the memory. To maintain healthy red blood cells plus nerve cells in the body, we need vitamin B12.


Those who are depressed might not be able to remember things easily as they would get disinterested in the surroundings. It is revealed that depression could reshape the portion of the brain and could affect the functioning, thinking speed etc.


There are some medicines that could also lead to decrease in the memory. It is important to review the medicines we take for the health issues in us. Fact is that drugs like acetylcholine, cyclobenzaprine etc could lead to memory decline

Underactive thyroid:

We could get memory loss and memory fog due to an underactive thyroid gland. It is said that by getting treated for the underactive thyroid gland we could increase the memory and concentration etc.

Minor head injury:

Having minor head injury could also be a another reason for our decrease in memory or forgetting nature. So, please take care.